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The Beltane Fire Society

The Beltane Fire Society may be contacted through their website at

General enquiries may be made to "scribe at", but if you want to join in for next time, please mail "volunteers at".

The BFS website also has details on their news (announcements only, moderated) and discussion (free form, unmoderated) mailing lists. It would be a good idea to subscribe to both lists, but if you only subscribe to one, make it the news one.

Torchies' and Stewards' Mailing List

Mailing lists exist for news and information on the current event (restricted to those involved) and there is another, mainly social, list for current and past torchbearers and stewards (Nightwatch).

There is also a LiveJournal Community, click here for bfs_nightwatch profilebfs_nightwatch.

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