Beltane 2007: Torchies & Stewards


This site has news, information and discussion relating to the Beltane Fire Society's torchbearers and stewards.

We're in the final stretch now, and no longer recruiting for this year, but if you're interested in taking part in future BFS events, you should contact "volunteers at beltane dot org".


See the news or next meeting pages for details

There will also be a couple of fire retardant sessions arranged: you will need to bring the (natural fibre, preferably black) clothes you'll be wearing on the night, and a plastic carrier bag to take them away in. This needs to be done no later than Sunday morning.

In the meantime, here's the dreaded countdown:

Beltane is over for another year. I hope you had a good time. See you next year?

© Steve Glover for, 2007


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