Beltane 2007: Torchies & Stewards

Next Meeting

We'll try to keep at least the next two events listed here.

Health and Safety

Saturday 28 April, 2pm: te Pooka offices on Lady Lawson Street - mandatory if you've not been to one yet! If you can't get to this one, please let us know as soon as possible!


This meeting will also have a fireproofing session: if you've not had your clothes for the night sprayed, please bring them along. Recapping, clothes for the night should be black (or as dark as you can manage otherwise) and made of natural fibre (silk, wool, linen, cotton or leather) rather than artificial stuff that can melt and stick to the skin (nylon, polyester, latex, pvc, and so on). Once the clothes are sprayed (and as you have a tabard and hood, we'll be concentrating on legs, sides and arms), leave them in a poly bag to dry for 24 hours.

On the Hill

Monday 30 April, on Calton Hill (at the bench between the cannon and the observatory wall) for 10am to help set up, or noon for the walkthrough.

Facepainting and costuming

5pm in the Communication Workers Union, 15 Brunswick Street, EH7 5JB. We'll be leaving for the Hill no later than 8.15pm.

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